Teacakes – How Do You Eat Yours?

To mark Afternoon Tea Week and the relaunch of our celebrated afternoon teas which will include lovingly hand-made chocolate tea cakes, we’ve been asking the people of Scotland “How do you eat yours?”

We’ve found that the country is split into gobblers, nibblers and strippers of this nostalgic treat with a thin shiny chocolate shell, vanilla marshmallow, jam and a biscuit base.

The most popular way to eat a teacake in Scotland is to eat the soft filling first and then the biscuit on the bottom according to our survey of 1 000 Scots – more than a quarter of us take the soft option. Just 7% of us start with the biscuit first before the soft filling.

The second most popular ways to gobble a teacake is in large mouthfuls or to delay gratification by meticulously picking the chocolate off the top before starting on the rest. 35 – 54 year olds are ten times more likely to be chocolate strippers than 18 -24 year olds.

Ten percent of us are nibblers – with more women preferring this method to men and 18 - 24 years olds being least prone to nibbling. 13% eat them in one mouthful – with this method being more popular with men than women and most popular with the over 55s.

Our alfresco afternoon teas now come in individual tea caddy afternoon stands – and each guest will have their own individual tea stand.

Afternoon tea is such a sharing experience, with our guests used to selecting their dainty treats from a central stand.  However, this is not currently practical as we aim to have a few touch points as possible.

Our stylish individual stands, which also double up as elegant take away carriers meaning that each guest has their very own portions which do not require any sharing or touching of plates.

We remain closed this week under the localised Aberdeen lockdown but future bookings are open for Alfresco Gallery Afternoon Teas and we’ve launched our new afternoon tea menu – complete with the handmade tea cakes.

How will you eat yours?