Cosy cool – the new style trend being set at The Gallery

If there was a more perfect venue for relaxing with a cocktail on a cold winter night than The Gallery, we’re not sure where it exists. With dark and sultry décor and a roaring fire to boot, the bar creates an atmosphere that’s the epitome of cosy.

And while it may seem like a bit of a juxtaposition to a cosy and homely vibe, The Gallery is also one of the sleekest, most stylish venues in Aberdeen. We don’t know why, but somehow it just works.

If you’ve visited The Gallery, you’ll know that it is split into different zones and one of the most popular hangout spots is the new cocktail bar separating the original hotel bar from the garden room.

It’s been designed with a traditional cocktail bar in mind and gives that slightly dark but familiar feeling that is so popular with our guests. It’s not quite the speakeasy of prohibition days, but if the time of the Gilded Age was given a 21st century twist, then we’re fairly certain this bar would be the result.

The dark walls are brought to life with splashes of copper and gold, while rich and luxurious upholstery gives it an incredibly elegant look. The tables get filled up quickly, but one of the prime spots is the large curved sofa booth – claim this, and you can settle in for the night!

The Gallery was named so because of the artwork on display – which is also used throughout the hotel – and works by the artist John Byrne are particularly at home in the cocktail bar. Often described as dark and moody, the paintings by Scottish artist Byrne are a real talking point, so too is the collection of iconic gadgie characters created by Alexander Millar.

However, the real showstopper is proving to be the ceiling, which is almost a work of art in itself. A gold-edged mosaic design, it practically screams Great Gatsby. So, if you’ve not visited yet, why not spend a winter’s evening in The Gallery? Flapper dress optional, of course.